Tripoli & Cairo’s Chambers of Commerce join hands in a new era of friendship | ELTC

Tripoli & Cairo’s Chambers of Commerce join hands in a new era of friendship | ELTC


On Sunday, the Tripoli and Cairo Chambers of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement to formalise the framework of their efforts to support and motivate the Libyan private sector. The signing took place in Cairo, in the presence of representatives from both chambers. This is a very important step for bilateral trade relations between Libya and Egypt, and it lays the groundwork for future cooperation between the two countries.

Cairo and Tripoli: A new page of cooperation

The agreement includes a provision for exchanging all data and information that would develop joint commercial and industrial relations. Additionally, the agreement will provide information on the needs of the Libyan and Egyptian markets, as well as investment opportunities available between the two countries. Finally, the formalisation aims to organize bilateral meetings between exporters and importers in order to establish bilateral partnerships. This is a positive step forward for trade relations between Libya and Egypt, and will hopefully lead to increased economic activity between the two countries.

The agreement will help to improve the business environment in the region, and it is a clear sign of the commitment of both chambers to supporting the private sector. It is also a recognition of the important role that the private sector plays in the economy. This is an important first step, and we look forward to seeing more progress in this area in the future.

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