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Market Access Support

Libya is open for trade. The Trade Center can introduce you to potential clients, distributors, partners, and civil servants. We provide insights, guidance, and services to help you achieve your financial and investing goals.

Public Procurements

Public Procurements

We can assist your company in securing the best competitive position within the Libyan public procurements market. All under the principles of public procurement: public good, value for money, transparency, integrity, fair treatment, and non-discrimination.

Government Procedures

Government Procedures

We are the solution to public affairs management. From obtaining a trading license, registering a business, securing a certificate, acquiring a residency permit or a visa, to validating a driving license, we can effectively assist you with ANY formalities in Libya.

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Risk Analysis & Management

We provide the most complete suite of risk consultancy & management within Libya. From managing political risk, regulatory & economic risk monitoring, geopolitical and strategic political risk advisory, to market entry/exit risk assessment – we ensure your peace of mind.

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Security Services

We can secure your company’s strategic interests and personnel in almost all Libya through our network of security providers. From protecting infrastructure, diplomatic/political missions, or individuals, we can provide tailored security solutions to your unique needs.

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Support Policy-Making

We contribute actively to the Libyan legislative and executive bodies’ policy-making process, within economic and industrial affairs, to help build a better and inclusive future. Additionally, we help organizations anticipate, interpret and respond to political and policy challenges.

Get the Best for your Business

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Expand your Networking

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, building and leveraging valuable connections is crucial for success. By joining our community of regional leaders, you can gain a strategic advantage by accessing a network of key players in the region’s business and political arenas.

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Boost your Exposure

A wide-ranging solution for businesses seeking to enhance their brand and reach new audiences. Our multi-faceted approach encompasses targeted newsletters, social media promotion, and website features, ensuring that your latest news and insights are effectively shared with the world.

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Gain Business Insights

A comprehensive solution for all of your business needs, including best practice exchange, access to valuable resources and information, and a competitive edge to elevate your business to new heights.

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Access Discounts & Member Privileges

Access to a variety of services at reduced rates, including security services and public procurement assistance. Our member privileges programme also offers exclusive advantages to members, further enhancing the value of your membership.

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Enhance your Credibility

Add credibility to your business and communicate to potential customers that you are a trustworthy and reputable company. By joining us, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to offering only the best products and services, establishing your business as a reliable and successful partner.

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The ELTC is a non-political & non-profit trade promotion agency working in cooperation with the GUCC to strengthen bilateral relations between Europe and Libya.

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