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Sector: Energy & Power


Established in 2007, Al-Rahila was founded under decree number (290) in Libya. It inhereted the core operations of Al-Brega – which were centered around oil marketing, distribution, and derivatives. As of 2023, Al-Rahila manages, operates, and owns over 300 fuel stations spread across key Libyan cities. In addition to standard station operations, the company also specializes in providing fuel supply services to both ships and aircraft at select ports and airports in the region.

The firm currently employs over 1,600 professionals across Libya, emphasizing a blend of diverse skills and expertise to drive its operations effectively.

The company’s strategy revolves around two main pillars:

  1. Geographical and business diversification.
  2. Reinforcing its role as a leading oil service provider in Libya. Aligned with these aims, Al-Rahila prioritizes delivering high-standard petroleum services and products, maintaining customer satisfaction at the core of its endeavors.

The operations of Al-Rahila are underpinned by five main values:

  1. Commitment to contribution.
  2. Team collaboration.
  3. Mutual respect.
  4. Transparency.
  5. Dedication to superior service. To ensure service improvement, the company has implemented robust feedback mechanisms.

Moreover regarding quality and compliance, Al-Rahila is devoted to adhering to both national and international standards in its product and service offerings. This commitment extends to cultivating lasting relationships with suppliers, continuous employee training, and maintaining compliance with international quality standards such as ISO 9001:2015. The company adopts a risk-based approach, identifying and addressing potential risks and opportunities in its operations, thereby refining its customer service efforts.

Arabian Gulf Oil Company

An oil company headquartered in Benghazi, Libya, Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) explores, produces and refines crude oil and natural gas.

Oil fields operated by AGOCO include the following:

  • Sarir oil fields
  • Messla Oil fields
  • Nafoora Oil fields
  • Beda oil fields
  • Hamada fields

In addition, they operate two refineries in Libya:

  • Sarir Refinery
  • Tobruk Refinery

A crude oil terminal is also operated by the company:

  • Tobruk Terminal

Waha Oil Company

Oil exploration, drilling, production, and shipping are among the upstream activities of Waha Oil Company. They operate four oil fields, the largest being the Waha oil field. Moreover, the company manages oil production lines from the Sirte Basin to the Es-Sider terminal on behalf of several companies.

Al-Zawiya Oil Refining Company

Over 120,000 barrels of oil products are processed by Al-Zawiya Oil Refining Company each day, with the company specializing mostly in the processing of Diesel Oil, Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel (Kerosene), Gasoline, Untreated Naphtha, Asphalt, and LPG.

By adhering to international standards, the company is able to compete both locally and globally with other oil refineries. Furthermore,  they strive to conduct their activities in the best possible manner and to contribute to the welfare and prosperity of the entire country of Libya.  

Brega Oil Marketing Company

Brega Oil Marketing Company is a Libyan national company that markets, distributes, and transports petroleum products within Libya. Among its main specialties are the purchase and import of petroleum products, as well as the distribution of petroleum products on the local market, and managing transportation lines and distribution of petroleum products to meet the needs of the local market.

The following are some of their main market strengths:

  • Managing and owning the operations and storage of major oil product warehouses, including aviation fuel warehouses

  • Owning and maintaining a ground fleet of trucks to transport a wide variety of products and gas cylinders to satisfy the needs of all sectors of the population

  • Storage and transportation of petroleum products

  • Renting transportation by sea to cover the needs of the local market