Ryanair in Talks to Begin Operating Flights to Libya

Ryanair in Talks to Begin Operating Flights to Libya


Europe’s largest airline by passenger numbers, Ryanair, is in talks with authorities in Libya about operating flights to the countries for the first time, Chief Executive Michael O’Leary said on Tuesday. If these talks are successful, this would be a huge development not just for Ryanair but also for Libya which has been working hard to have the travel ban removed.

What This Could Mean for Libya

If Ryanair does begin operating flights to Libya, this would be a big win for the country which has been working hard to have the travel ban removed. Euro-Libyan Trade Center welcomes the interest shown by Ryanair during a time when many Libyan airlines, including Med Sky Air and Crown Airlines have acquired a variety of Airbus A320 aircraft.

Clearly, these are great developments in the journey towards removing the travel ban over Libya, an effort in which the Euro-Libyan Trade Center is playing a critical role.

Libyan Based Medsky Airline's Newest Airplane
Libyan Based Medsky Airline’s Newest Airplane

What This Could Mean for Ryanair For Ryanair

This could mean increased customer loyalty as well as increased profits. It is no doubt that by adding Libya as a destination, Ryanair would be able to attract even more customers, particularly since Ryanair would be one of a very few airlines offering flights to Libya. Further, Ryanair is known for its low-cost fares, which could attract budget-conscious travelers who were previously hesitant to fly to Libya due to its high airfares.

Building Airbridges

Only time will tell if these talks between Ryanair and Libyan authorities are successful but if they are, it could be a major gamechanger for both parties involved. For Libya, it could mean increased tourism and much needed economic development. For Ryanair, it could mean increased profits and customer loyalty. Either way, we will be keeping a close eye on this story and will update as more information becomes available.

As the European Union prepares to lift its travel ban on Libya, the ELTC will be working to ensure that key stakeholders are aware of all relevant information. The ELTC plans to meet with European officials and provide them with insights that they may not have considered; thus, contributing to reduce the asymmetry of information between the EU and Libya.

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