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Misurata Free Zone

With over 350,000 containers handled annually, Misrata Free Zone is the largest seaport in Libya and a nerve center for businesses worldwide. Located in the country’s third largest city, the free zone offers many advantages for businesses, including:

  • 0% personal or corporate income taxes
  • 0% Customs duties or import/export taxes
  • 0% value-added tax
  • 100% capital and profit repatriation allowance
  • No restrictions on recruiting labour
  • Reliable & inexpensive power
  • Possibility of transferring ownership
  • No restrictions on cargo traffic

Furthermore, power is reliable and affordable, and land is widely available. Ground rents were $2.50 per sq metre for commercial and service sector companies, while rent for industrial firms stood at $1.50 per sq metre annually. Business licences are competitively priced and the minimum deposit to operate is $100,000 per company.

These favourable conditions have helped attract many international businesses to the trade zone, including:

  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Al Naseem 
  • Albayrak Group
  • Medserv Energy
  • Brega Petroleum Marketing Company

As a result, the Free Zone has become the most important hub for trade and investment in Libya.