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Law Society of Libya: Digitalising Libya’s Legislation for a Better Future

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The Law Society of Libya recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the launch of its electronic platform, which collects, digitalises, organises, and presents all Libyan legislation. The platform, which can be found at, has become a crucial resource for legal professionals and those interested in Libyan legislation, simplifying access and supporting efforts to build the state of law in the country.

Legislation at Your Fingertips

Since its launch, the platform has published over 10% of legislation and has a goal of archiving legislation dating back over 70 years. To achieve this, the Law Society is seeking funding to purchase an advanced book scanner at a cost of 75,000 euro.

The platform includes a dynamic index and tools for easy reading, searching, and sorting by categories, source, and date, and features over 870 laws, 3200 decisions, 370 decrees, and 140 conventions. It is accessible to the public, students, and legal professionals both locally and globally.

Breaking Down Language Barriers

In addition to its current offerings, the Law Society of Libya, under the leadership of President Albudery Shariha, has announced plans to add an English version of the website in the near future to make the platform more accessible to international audiences.

Nonetheless, this would not have been possible without the support of a number of partners, all of whom are recognized here. All of whom are directly contributing to the accessibility and understanding of Libya not only to Libyans but also no nationals. Thus, helping build a more equitable and prosperous future.

A Very Much Needed Condition

The classification, digitisation, organization, and unification of all Libyan legislation is of great importance for several reasons. It allows for easier access to the country’s laws and regulations, promotes consistency in their application and enforcement. It also promotes transparency and accountability, which can help to build trust in the legal system and encourage citizens to engage with it more actively.

In addition, having all legislation organised and unified in a single platform makes it easier to track the evolution of the Libya’s legal system over time, which is important for understanding the historical context of current laws and regulations. It can also help to identify areas where laws and regulations may be outdated or in need of reform.

The Libya Law Society is devoted to achieving these goals and invites all supporters to continue to assisting the Society’s efforts to complete this important project by acquiring the scanner that is so desperately needed for the successful digitalisation of Libya.

Building a Bright Future on a Solid Foundation

The Law Society of Libya’s electronic platform has been a valuable resource for legal professionals and those interested in Libyan legislation since its launch one year ago. Its goal of archiving legislation dating back over 70 years will help to ensure that all laws and regulations are accessible and understood by those who need them. The addition of an English version of the website in the near future will make the platform even more accessible to international audiences and help to promote transparency and accountability in the legal system.

In conclusion, the Law Society of Libya’s electronic platform and efforts to digitalise all Libyan legislation are making significant progress towards building a strong and effective legal system – crucial for easier access to information, consistent application and enforcement of laws and regulations, and the tracking of the legal system’s evolution over time.

We encourage all supporters to continue funding and aiding the Law Society’s efforts to complete this important project by purchasing the advanced book scanner at a cost of 75,000 euro. Together, we can support the dissemination of legal knowledge and the establishment of the rule of law in Libya.

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