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ELTC Extends Solidarity to Eastern Libya in the Aftermath of Storm Daniel

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ELTC Extends Solidarity to Eastern Libya in the Aftermath of Storm Daniel

The Euro-Libyan Trade Center (ELTC) wishes to express its profound sorrow and concern regarding the unprecedented devastation wrought upon Eastern Libya by Storm Daniel. As the calamity unfolds, the region witnesses an alarming loss of infrastructure, homes, and most grievously, over 6,000 precious lives. The uncertainty surrounding those still unaccounted for further intensifies the pain.

It is in these challenging times that the international community, organizations, and individuals are presented with the opportunity to manifest unity and support. ELTC firmly believes that through collaborative efforts and unyielding commitment, the path to restoration and healing can be expedited. Bearing witness to the massive disruptions in the life of our Libyan brethren, we are ardently motivated to act.

In recognizing the urgent necessity of immediate humanitarian relief, the ELTC stands unwavering in its commitment to contribute to and facilitate aid operations. Our extensive experience in agile response mechanisms and operations ensures that our intentions will be transformed into tangible aid swiftly. We urge every stakeholder, whether an organization or individual, to grasp the magnitude of this disaster and act with urgency and compassion.

Eastern Libya City Derna in the Aftermath of Storm Daniel
Eastern Libya City Derna Before and After the Storm Daniel

The international community

has risen to the occasion, exemplified by commendable initiatives like the GoFundMe campaign orchestrated by the non-profit organization, ‘Libya in the UK. This campaign is laser-focused on channeling funds to those local organizations working relentlessly on the ground in Eastern Libya, ensuring aid reaches the most affected and vulnerable.

The ELTC wholly endorses this effort, and for those who wish to contribute, further details can be found here:

For those residing in Libya

who are eager to play their part, the humanitarian initiative #غوث stands ready to channel your generosity to where it’s most needed. With a dedicated system in place, they promise a seamless process, ensuring every contribution reaches its intended destination. To facilitate your donations, they are reachable via WhatsApp at +218 924 512 157.

It is worth noting that the spirit of resilience and unity demonstrated by the Libyan populace is truly commendable. It offers a beacon of hope amidst the trials. The ELTC, in its commitment to foster trade, growth, and prosperity, recognizes the grave importance of humanitarian actions at this juncture.

The choices we make and the actions we undertake today will inevitably shape the future of Eastern Libya. It is a collective responsibility we cannot and will not shy away from.

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